“I am not someone who enjoys shopping and organizing so I love working with Venus several times a year to make sure that my closet is easy to navigate and that I have a wardrobe that is stylish in a classic, professional way. Since she helps with not only clothing but accessories and shoes as well, I always feel comfortable with my overall look.”  - Jay Jay Nesheim, Communications Director, ESPN

“I wanted to clean out my closet and update my wardrobe and there was no one better to help me do this than Venus Ferrer. After an initial conversation about my likes, dislikes and what I was hoping to achieve, she was able to quickly assess my wardrobe and help me decide what to keep and what to eliminate. Venus was honest about what items didn't fit right or just didn't look great on me. 

After we pared my closet down to those items that fit properly and looked great, I asked Venus to go shopping with me to replenish. When I arrived, Venus had already found a few great items that she thought would look good and be great staples in my wardrobe. What a successful trip we had! I was so happy with the outcome. 

Venus brings her sense of style and honesty, as well as her warm and approachable personality. I will absolutely work with Venus again.”  - Megan M., SVP/Account Director, Grey Advertising  

 When I first moved in with my husband the biggest challenge was making room for my clothes. Living in NYC you have to be organized and utilize space in the best way. I recruited Venus to help me go through my wardrobe, clean out my closet and reorganize the 4 closets in my apartment.  At first we spoke about my daily routine, and which closet I use more.  We started with the coat closet.  Venus transformed it so much that when I opened the closet I didn’t recognize it.  It didn’t look cluttered and there was plenty of room for my jackets and my husbands.  Now it’s really easy to get to suitcases, since we travel often and the shoes were all lined up perfectly.  The coats and blazers are easily accessible which makes it a lot easier to pull things. 

She went through all my clothing to see what I wear and whether I should keep them or donate.  We spoke about fit and style.  The consultation was excellent.  She really got to know me and my everyday necessities.  Venus went through the two main closets that I use daily.  There was a lot of stuff, but with Venus helping me go through it she made the process fun and painless.  She gave me some tips on what to wear and how to utilize my space.  It was a life changer for me.  I don’t have a lot of time to get ready for work in the morning, so she organized my front closet to be the go to and stressed how I should try to wear everything in the closet.  

 Things are now much easier to pull and seems that everything is a lot easier to style.  With the little time I have I don’t have to deal with my closet being a total mess.  I know exactly where everything is now.  The 4th closet was a linen closet, which had a lot of random things.  She completely redid it and now it’s so much easier to find things and it’s no longer a black hole for miscellaneous things.  I would recommend her expertise to everyone especially people living in NYC.  See slideshow. -  Elina S., Claren Road Asset Management, LLC